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Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, is a fitting and apt model for this, the highest award given by the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting to persons who have given selflessly to Catholic young women in the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Campfire Association. This award is given under the auspices of the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry and careful evaluation by the DCCS with the goal of being highly selective.. This medal should be considered to be comparable to the St. George emblem for Boy Scouts. This medal is not an award to be earned, but rather an honor one is nominated for by others. As such, all nominations should be made confidentially to the selection committee of the Diocese of Peoria Catholic Committee on Scouting. The total number of St. Anne medals given in any calendar year will not exceed three. Nomination documentation must consist of a minimum of a completed nomination form and an additional three letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the nominee’s pastor.

Guide for nomination and selection for the St. Anne medal

The Saint Anne medal may be given to any adult, lay or religious, Scouter, Campfire adult or non-Scout, Catholic or non-Catholic who has shown a consistent commitment to the formation and development of girls in Catholic troops, or Catholic girls in other troops and units. It is expected that the candidate is active and dedicated on more than just the local level as demonstrated by noteworthy activity and example at the councillar, diocesan or national level.

The following are general guidelines for appropriate candidates for the St. Anne medal. Please remember these are suggested guidelines only. Candidates should be noteworthy in personal example, service to youth and to community, and ideally influencing others within Girl Scouting or Campfire in a manner consistent with Catholic values. General Scouting achievements alone do not qualify a person to receive this medal. Although accomplishment and sustained dedication are more significant than a specific number of years in Scouting, it is expected that most candidates will have a record of 5 or more years of commitment, and that the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton medal will have been awarded to a candidate before that candidate is nominated for the St. Anne emblem

1. Promotes Catholic scouting by:

Developing,implementing, and participating in Catholic youth events such as Scout Sunday, area wide retreats, days of recollection, or diocesan level functions for Scouts and Campfire. Is a member of the Catholic Committee on Scouting. Encouraging and highlighting the faith aspects of Girl Scouting as stated in the preamble to the Girl Scout constitution. Promotes scouting as youth ministry at the parish and diocesan level.

2. Promotes faith development of youth and adults by:

Promoting the religious emblems programs or serving as a counselor, moderator or coordinator. Has shown consistent earning of religious emblems by youth. Modeling behavior that reflects the Gospel values and the values of GSA. Promoting varied ways for youth to integrate their faith into everyday life. Promotes the use and presentation of other awards for outstanding troops and youth.

3. Demonstrates personal emphasis on growth and development

Has received training appropriate for position(s). Active as a Girl Scout or Campfire trainer. Integrates Gospel values with the Scouting program.. Participated in Scouter Development. Active in own faith community. Has taken religious emblems counselor training. Is a religious emblems counselor.

Each unit, council, parish and/or individuals working within the Scouting/CF orgainization is requested to submit the name and supporting information about possible candidtes to the Diocese of Peoria Catholic Committee on Scouting for review pior to December 1 of each calendar year. All applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the DCCS for possible receiption of the award. All nominations to the committee MUST BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. The number of awards given each year will be limited with an emphasis on being selective. Nominees who are not selected may be re-nominated in subsequent years. Those nominating candidates who are selected for this award will be notified so that appropriate arrangements can be made for presentation, hopefully without the advance knowledge of the recipient.



Diocese of Peoria

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Recommended by:

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The St. Anne award is an honor given to an individual in recognition of his/her outstanding contribution to the growth and formation of youth in Girl Scouting and Campfire. Attached are required letters of recommendation from the following in support of the above candidate as a noteworthy role model in faith and an active member of the Church.

Pastor's letter: Name/Parish _____________________________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________ Position: _________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________ Position: _________________________________

Dr. Doug Loberg
320 Ravinswood Rd.
Peoria, IL 61615

Received on ___________________

Reviewed on ___________________

Diocesan Approval

The selection committee of the Diocese of Peoria Catholic Committee on Scouting has reviewed this recommendation and found that the nominee meets the standards for this award as set forth by the committee. Therefore the above nominee is selected for reception of the Saint Anne medal

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________________________________________Diocesan Chaplain date ________________



1. List service to and positions held in the spiritual development of Catholic youth in Scouting or Campfire. Is candidate a member of the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting or local committee on scouting? Is candidate a parish coordinator for scouting/CF, if so for how many years? List involvement with any activities or groups under the auspices of Catholic scouting or Campfire.

2. List current position(s) in Scouting or Campfire and number of years of service in the position. Please also list past Scouting/CF experience and positions of responsibility and years of service given. Is the candidate currently a registered adult in the Girl Scouts of America, and in which council? List training courses or scouter development taken and when.

3. List positions held or service to the parish and/or diocese or to the faith community of the candidate.

4. List service to or positions held in other organizations; include length of service and description of involvement.